Monday, September 23, 2013

Human-Enviornment Interaction

People in North Korea have really had to adapt in some places. In others they have completely modified their land. Other places have only been changed a little bit. That is what human-environment interaction is all about.

Adaptation in North Korea: People in North Korea have adapted mostly by weather. It has seasonal weather, winter, spring, summer and fall. During fall and winter time people have really warm sweaters and coats to keep them warm. During spring and summer people have shorts and other types of hot weather clothing. 

Modification of North Korea: The biggest modification in North Korea are houses and buildings. They have built more than 45,000,000 houses and apartments. They built houses for 5 main reasons: 
  1. Weather.
  2. Living.
  3. Food storage.
  4. Comfortable furniture.
  5. Independence between families. 
 Changes in North Korea: In North Korea the biggest change has been air pollution. Before humans the air was natural and clean, now there is a lot of air pollution because of cars and other air contaminating devices.

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