Thursday, August 28, 2014

The 5 Themes Of Geography

1) Human Enviornment- Interaction
     Human eviornment- interaction is the way that people that people interact with their enviornment, affect it, and modify it. It is also the way that the enviornment affects and modifies the people.

2) Location
     Location is where something is in the map. There are two kinds of location. Exact location is the most precise way to lacate a place. General location is locating a place with the physical and political features around it.

3) Place
     A particular portion of space, whether of definite or indefinite extent.

4) Movement
     The movement in a place is how people travel with their goods, ideas, and cultures.

5) Region
     An area that shares similar characteristics.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Pensilvania, Caldas

I am from Bogota, Colombia but my family is from Pensilvania, Caldas. It is the most wonderful place in the world. It is surrounded by the greenest mountains and you breath the freshest air. I always go with my family to Pensilvania. We go horse back riding and take hikes, we swim in the river and jump from the top of a waterfall and into the freezing water, we also have a place where they raise pigs and I love to help out. Even though all those plans are absolutely amazing and unique, what I like most about Pensilvania is being truly free. With no worries, no problems, no homework just true happiness.

Pensilvania is in Caldas, Colombia. Caldas is one of the 32 departments in Colombia. It is located in the eastern mountain range and is around 8 hours away from Bogota, the capital city of Colombia. It is in the department of Caldas, near Manizales and Antioquia. It is also one of the places of the Coffee Region in Colombia. It is surrounded by very tall, green mountains and filled with rivers. Its geographical coordinates are 5° 23' 13" North, 75° 9' 48" West.

Pensilvania is in some ways similar to other places arround. For example, Manizales. They were both conquered arround 1539. They both have the typical things of the time, like the main plaza. There is a church in the middle of town and other cultural things like that. Anyone can notice that the houses are also typical, even today. Pensilvania and Bogota are not very alike. They mostly share the same religion and the same country.

Pensilvania is not a very advanced place because the international ideas don't arrive there. It was discovered in the early 1500s by the spanish. The indigenous culture that lived there left and were replaced by the houses that were at the time, modern. Since then the houses have only been changed very little, in terms of what is inside theese houses.

Migration hasn't changed anything here. Over the years Pensilvania has not changed much. They still have the same culture and they don't have a lot of technology. The ideas get there because some people, from Pensilvania, visit Bogota and bring back some things. As well as trucks who bring foods like LuckyCharms cereal and a few other things like that.

I hope that you learned more about Pensilvania and you enjoyed learning abut it.