Saturday, September 13, 2014

Socratic Circle Reflection

In the Socratic Circle on September 11 2014 I talked about North Korea and its culture. We discussed about the things that make each culture different. I think I contributed to the conversation by sharing my opinion and some visible and invisible aspects of culture. I talked about holiday traditions that are very unique to that culture. I was silent and respectful when other were talking and answered questions respectfully no matter what I thought personally. My group work was good because when one of us was talking, all the others were quiet and listening attentively while the person finished and then they could share their personal thoughts. We helped out each other when when we got stuck or could not find the correct words to say something. When the conversation started to loose a little interest, I tried to ask a question or add a comment that would generate interest and put the group in conversation again.

Something I have to improve is maybe next time bring my notes about North Korea. Even though I reviewed my notes various times and knew well what I was talking about, but it was probably a good idea to have the notes with me so I could check for names and more specific information. Also, I felt a little nervous at first and it took me a minute to start talking. Next time I will start talking since the beginning and print out the information that I have collected earlier. These are only a few ways I will improve and this way the next time I have to participate in a Socratic Circle activity I will do much better.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Managing Impulsivity

Many times I have to face situations when I have to take my time, think twice and manage impulsivity. In summer, I went to Italy and I was eating a lot of chocolate. I have a problem in my heart that I should not eat chocolate and I knew I was exceeding the limit. I decided I would not eat chocolate for 1 month. It was really hard, almost impossible. Every day was really hard because great things passed in front of my face, but I knew I was doing the right thing. When the school opened the icecream place I did not eat the chocolate icecream. Now that the month has passed I feel proud of myself because I managed impulsivity.

Monday, September 1, 2014


Persistence is one of the 16 habits of mind. It is when you try hard to achieve a goal and even if you fail one, or various times, you keep trying until you reach this goal. It is important to be persistent to achieve what you want.

Last week, Mr.Nick made us do a poster on the 5 themes of geography with pictures from a magazine. At first me and my group members worked hard on this poster. When we thought we were finished, we did not like it very much and we continued trying to make it look better. When Mr. Nick had a look at our poster he recommended that we add even more pictures and information. Since class was almost over we needed to work hard, but still do a good job. At the end I liked a lot the way the poster looked, even though I did not get the best grade. I learned that it doesn´t matter if I get the best grade or have the best poster(In this case). What is important is my opinion and the way I feel about what I have done.