Monday, September 1, 2014


Persistence is one of the 16 habits of mind. It is when you try hard to achieve a goal and even if you fail one, or various times, you keep trying until you reach this goal. It is important to be persistent to achieve what you want.

Last week, Mr.Nick made us do a poster on the 5 themes of geography with pictures from a magazine. At first me and my group members worked hard on this poster. When we thought we were finished, we did not like it very much and we continued trying to make it look better. When Mr. Nick had a look at our poster he recommended that we add even more pictures and information. Since class was almost over we needed to work hard, but still do a good job. At the end I liked a lot the way the poster looked, even though I did not get the best grade. I learned that it doesn´t matter if I get the best grade or have the best poster(In this case). What is important is my opinion and the way I feel about what I have done.

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