Thursday, October 2, 2014

CWW Project Reflection

I think I did really well in my CWW project. I know that I had some strengths and weaknesses in the project. What I found was biggest strength was that I had a lot of information. For each slide I had more than a paragraph and some pictures to go along. It was very descriptive and I think that my information proves that I understand well the 5 themes of geography and the visual and invisible aspects of culture. So, overall I believe the information was my biggest strength because it made the presentation very complete. It also proved my knowledge of Santander and my knowledge of what is being learned in class.

Although the information was my biggest strength, it was also my biggest weakness. By putting all that information in the project, it made it really long (more than 5 minutes) and possibly made it boring to the reader. At first it could be interesting to see all of the information, but as the reader gets closer to the end, so much information, may loose the reader´s attention. The reason I think it was my biggest weakness, is that the point of a presentation is to keep the reader attentive and not loose their attention.

If there is another opportunity to do a presentation like this one, I will be sure to include less details. This will improve my work because it will be complete, but I will not loose my reader´s attention. The reader will still understand and learn, but in a way that they do not loose my attention and is much more interesting.

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