Friday, November 7, 2014

Sacred Stories-Buddhism

The Monkeys and The Mangoes.

One day a group of monkeys were searching the river banks and found a mango tree that looked so great that they decided to take it to their king, for he would tell if it was safe to eat this delightful fruit. After trying the exquisite fruit, the king decided to live in the branches of the tree, but warned never to let a mango go river down. While sleeping, a mango fell off down river and just like their king had predicted, a human found it, came looking for more, and decided to reside in the mango tree. While the humans were sleeping,  one of them caught the tale of a monkey and decided all the monkeys should be killed. Frightened, they ran away, but one of the monkeys who was jealous of the king, killed him. In the last minutes of his life, the monkey king taught the human king, that because he was a king he had to sacrifice for his men and that changed the life of the humans forever.

Something I learned from this religion is that, clearly sacrifice is very important. Not because one is a king it means that he/she is to be very honored, but instead it means that the king will sacrifice for the good of his men.

One connection that I see to my religion is that just like the monkey king sacrificed for his men, Jesus sacrificed for us and our forgiveness of sins.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Code of Honor

Today I read The Code of Honor with my mom and she really enjoyed the activity because she believes that it is imperative to know the rules and have presence of them. As we read the Code of Honor, we discussed the importance of following these rules not only in school, but also in every place because if someone does, that person will be a great example. My mom does not disagree with any of the rules, she thinks they are excellent.

Even though she does not have any questions, I want to learn more about the statement that says I am open to innovation. What does this mean?