Wednesday, April 29, 2015


My definition of globalization:
The connection, interchange, communication or any other interaction between people and countries around the world.

Our class definition of globalization:
International connection and exchange of ideas, world views, products, resources and culture.

Globalization Economic Impacts:

  • When Starbucks came to Colombia with cheap coffee prices, Juan Valdez had higher prices and people preferred going to Starbucks because it was cheaper than Juan Valdez.
  • When PriceSmart came to Colombia, other markets with higher food prices went down because more people were going to PriceSmart because it had all cheaper prices.
  • When McDonalds came to Colombia, all the hamburgers and foods were cheaper than the foods of other restaurants, so less people went to the national restaurants, like El Corral, for food and instead went to McDonalds for cheaper products.

Globalization Cultural Impacts:

  • When people of China (of any religion) come to Colombia, they have their rituals, so if many people of China come to Colombia they would practice their rituals.
  • Another example would be if Muslim family came to Colombia, they would practice their religion and if more Muslims came to Colombia they would possibly build more moscs or places to practice their religion.
  • Finally, if a family from Myanmar came to Colombia they would not be able to speak the language and they would practice their rituals and religion.

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