Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Socratic Circle

Today, May 13th, we did a Socratic Circle in class. I learned a lot of things about how our world is connected and how technology impacts society. I heard a lot of examples of unintended consequences of technology.

  • I learned that Facebook was originally intended for people in Harvard University to learn and chat between them. It was never intended for people outside of Harvard which is why there are very little employees compared to the amount of users.
  • Ding told us that due to the addiction of cell phones, the risk of crashing has increased 23% because people text and drive very commonly.
  •  Ana mentioned that the amount of hackers have increased since social media and technology have evolved and people have a higher risk of having their phones hacked.
  • Alejandra mentioned that with the advances of technology, people can zoom in with their cell phone cameras into the credit card numbers and clone it. This technology has increased the number of cloned credit cards every year.
  • Nicolas Mejia explained that Facebook has given more jobs to people because it has gotten so big and it has to serve many people.

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